OCULTO.TV is a brand new audiovisual platform launched by Murcia City Council, currently exhibiting 432 original audiovisual productions that can be viewed online, or on any mobile, tablet or Smart TV. This newly launched tool currently has 15 thematic channels, among which are channels based on content related to city’s identity such as “Medieval Murcia”, “Murcian Gastronomy” the IBAFF Film Festival Channel, among others.

The objective of this platform is to give visibility to local artists and creatives, and simultaneously bring culture to all homes. Murcia has hence become the first Spanish city to have a tool that allows direct access to cultural content that cannot be found on other commercial platforms.

In this sense, OCULTO.TV seeks to be a benchmark in three areas: for the public, as all cultural content will be accessible and will be organised thematically, with remote access from anywhere in the world with internet access; for the cultural sector, as it will be the place to shine a light on hidden or underrepresented talent; and to share and divulge Murcia’s cultural identity, as the platform will promote the creation of new content related to our culture, our history, festivals and traditions, current affairs, etc.

The greatest advantage that this new platform offers is that the contents can be consumed from almost any device with Internet access: as if it were a mobile app. Likewise, the platform will be very much alive. In this sense, far beyond being a video archive, there will be content that will be available for a specific time (a year, a few days or even a few hours), live broadcasts and streamed content. 

The platform will be of immense value for the cultural sector as a whole. Thus, creators who on many occasions see their work ostracised for pursuing less commercial routes, will find in OCULTO.TV a vehicle to make their art visible. In addition, it will not only be a platform for the display of digital content, but there will be annual calls for the co-production of content of special interest to Murcia. A technical team will study content sent in via a permanent open call, taking into account the artistic value and cultural interest; the quality of the material at a technological level; and the novelty of the proposal, among others.

The main objective of OCULTO.TV is to democratise culture through the exhibition of all audiovisual heritage with free access and for all audiences.

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