Call for proposals for research and/or production projects presented by artists, collectives and creatives, to benefit from the use of spaces belonging to Murcia City Council’s Culture Department. Murcia City Council has a stable schedule of activities, but also wants to be open to opportunities for collaboration in projects that arise in its closest environment.

Furthermore, Murcia City Council wants to contribute to the consolidation and growth of Murcia’s artistic and creative fabric. The call intends to collaborate in the production of artistic projects, developed in residencies of up to a maximum of 6 months.

Murcia City Council is looking for proposals from any artistic discipline (performing arts, music, visual/plastic arts, audiovisual projects, photography, literary and poetry projects, gastronomy, urban innovation, education and mediation, exhibitions, tradition and folklore, neigbourhood projects, technology and robotics, and any other creative manifestation conceivable and duly justified and explained in the proposal). Projects based on investigation, publishing, cataloguing and archiving are also welcomed when justified as being in line with the mission statement of this proposal. The residences are of an experimental and innovative nature, accepting proposals (duly raised) in different stages of conceptualisation and development, but their development during the requested period being fundamental.

Unlike a traditional residence format, Test Tubes wants to allow the testing of ideas and prototypes that arise in the form of innovative proposals in the cultural field, with particular interest in proposals that can be scalable, replicable or exportable. The residency project revolves around innovation as a fundamental part of the selected proposals, but furthermore also strives to innovate and revolutionise the very concept of artistic residencies. To this purpose, Test Tube Projects intends to go beyond a simple place of creation, to become a permanent space of exhibition and dialogue, and therefore instead of providing a work-shop, conceives the space as a constant stage for showrooms, presentations, conferences and activities that artists and creatives generate in relation to their proposals, disseminating and sharing the projects from the offset, creating a space for cultural reflection and engagement until the final project is presented.

Murcia City Council will provide space, along with technical and human resources for each project, based on availability and schedule. In return, the artist or group agrees to carry out an activity based on the subject of their research or production during their residency or up to three months following it, as well as various recordings related to their residency for Murcia City Council’s digital platform OCULTO.TV.

With this call Murcia City Council wants to take on the challenge of providing, through this open and permanent call, the ideal conditions to promote both the production and dissemination of contemporary creation and culture, rethinking the role of art in everyday life and experience other ways of relating to the artistic community and its insertion into society.